Public Faciilities Authority

Public Facilities Authority


  • The BOC wants to create a whole new department called the Public Facilities Authority. (PFA)
    The PFA will have the ability to raise bonds for anything they want without any input from the citizens of the county. They will be able to raise the $150 million for the Courthouse in Old Town with the approval of TWO board members who may not even live in the county. As all expenditures from the income generated Courthouse is legislated by the state, the county will receive no income from the state and have said they will pay for the bond by aggressive re-evaluation of property in the county. Their intent then is to service the bond by raising property taxes, already the highest of nearly all of the counties in Georgia
    The Facilities Authority will consist of 3 board members, with a quorum of 2.
    The Facilities Authority will create requests to raise bonds. These requests must be approved by the BOC.
    Here is the catch.
    The members of the BOC can appoint themselves as Members of the Facilities Authority board and re-appoint themselves at the expiration of their term forever. So the same people who will raise the request for the bonds will be the same people that approve it

    The Facilities Authority Board that creates the requests for the bonds has to have the bonds approved by the BOC. But as exactly the same people serve on both boards, where are the Checks and Balances and oversight for expenditures? Two members of the board of the PFA can indebt the county for 40 years without any oversight from the citizens of the county.

    • My taxes have doubled under this administration. What are we getting for all of this? They are “tax and spending” us to death. A 250% increase in ‘18 and another 100% in ‘20 for property taxes. This year was a huge jump in appraised value. I’m retired. If I could afford to move I would.
      We seniors really need some help. Thank you.

  • Your tax bills will be going up SIGNIFICANTLY! Here’s the issue that I see having served as the co-chair of the original courthouse committee for 8 months of study. We looked at two options. 1) Courthouse in Old Town. 2) Courthouse on property the that county already owns on Parker Road. My conclusions are as follows. The Parker Road location is on a 4 lane easy accessible highway. The infrastructure is in place to support it. Cost estimate approximately $40,000,000. The Old Town alternative does NOT have road/streets and infrastructure in place. The streets CANNOT BE IMPROVED/widened and the sewer, electrical, water, telephone are buried underground and have been there at least 50-60 years. It will be very expensive to replace/improve them. I would estimate that the cost for a new courthouse/administrative facility in Old Town is going to cost us at least $60-80 million more than if we built it at Parker Road which the property was initially bought for. I’m not sure who made this decision but as you may recall the voters in Rockdale County have already voted this proposal DOWN! Somebody needs to wake up and STOP this insanity!


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