SPLOST - Special Projects Local Option Sales Tax


  • The idea of a SPLOST is to allow the citizens of a county to vote for a SELF IMPOSED tax. The Tax is collected as a 1% Sales tax added onto everything you buy.

    As the name spells out, the tax is collected as a Special Projects tax for special projects within the county. This could be a new Courthouse, a Park, or whatever. When the SPLOST is on the ballot, it MUST specify what projects the SPLOST is for. This is State Law.

    Unfortunately, the SPLOST is no longer used for its intended purpose and is now simply an addition to the General Fund and is used for maintenance. This is not a legal use of the funds. You may read the Resolution HERE and decide if the items listed for the expenditure of the SPLOST are Projects or just an added tax for the county maintenance budget.

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  • I don’t oppose the SPLOST I Just Oppose the Current SPLOST as presented and how the money will be used in the future. The SPLOST can’t be used in a manner that the County depends on the funding. The SPLOST is a voluntary tax the Citizens impose on themselves and the Board OF Commission must realize that SPLOST can’t be taken for granted and must be seen as a temporary funding source for Special Projects as it was intended.
    The Citizens deserve to know what they are voting on and the true Cost of each Project. If the BOC can’t abide by the rules governing the use of the funds then the BOC doesn’t deserve to have access to the SPLOST FUNDING.


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