Sherri Washington

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  • Commissioner Sherri Washington has some problems. According to an investigation by FOX 5 News it appears that the State Bar Disciplinary Review Board has recommended Rockdale County commissioner Sherri Washington be disbarred from practicing law in Georgia as she has defrauded a number of Rockdale Residents.
    It also appears that she may have an issue with a tax lien.
    Voice your opinion on whether Commissioner Washington should voluntarily resign her post to avoid embarrassing the county and perhaps costing the county a lot of money in staging a recall election.

    The Chairman of the Bord of Commissioners, Chairman Oz Nesbitt, is quoted as saying that this is a personal matter and should not affect her position on the board. That is an interesting position and one has to wonder what level of criminal activity a board member would have to be involved in before the Chairman considered the person unfit to serve.


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