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The Run-Offs

The following candidates did not receive 51% of the vote and will be in the Run-Off

Board Chair
Oz Nesbit (Incumbent)
JaNice Van Ness

County Commissioner Post 1
Sherri Washington (Incumbent)
Tuwanya Smith

County Board of Education Post 1
Mandy North (Incumbent
Larry Cox

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Note: The democrat Ballot contains Democrat and Non-Partisan candidate. The Non-Partisan Ballot only contains Non-Partisan Ballots

Chairman Oz Nesbitt Sexual Harassment Files

If you are a member of the Rockdale County Community, you will have heard rumors surrounding the Board Of Commissioner’s Chairman Oz Nesbitt.

Chairman Nesbitt was relieved of his duties as an Augusta police officer for inappropriate behavior toward a young woman after apprehending her outside of a convenience store while he was off duty.

A more recent case is a sexual harassment case filed by one of his employees in the Rockdale County Government. The plaintiff was awarded an $85,000.00 settlement.

You can take a look at these supporting documents below.

Denied Application for Reinstatement as a Police Officer in Augusta.

Oz Nesbitt Office Profile Augusta GA.

Sexual Harassment case filed by a county employee.

Qualifying for Political Office in Rockdale County

If you wish to run for political office in Rockdale County, you must fill out a DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY AND AFFIDAVIT.

In the highlighted text below, you have to avow that you do not owe any taxes to any entity. Local businesses can file liens against property, but a Federal Lien is placed for non-payment of Federal taxes in which no plans for payment have been filed.

The two documents below suggest that when Chairman Nesbitt ran for office, he signed an affidavit stating he owed no taxes when, at the time, he had a Federal Lien on his property for Federal Taxes, making him ineligible to run.

As always, The Rockdale Voter encourages you to read what is posted and do your own research to come to a conclusion.

Tax Liens

Declaration of Candidacy and Affidavit

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