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Qualified Candidates for the Rockdale County and Georgia State

Please click HERE to open a PDF of all the candidates that have qualified to run for Office in the Georgia Primary Election.

The Georgia Primary Election

The upcoming Primary Elections will have a far bigger impact on county residents than the General Election.

In the Primary Election you get to choose which Local Officials you want to govern Rockdale County. Some of those on the ballot are non-partisan positions. The names of those running for a non-partisan post, or running as an Independent, will appear on both the Democrat and the Republican ballots.

Some of the elected positions are partisan where the candidates are either running as a Democrat or a Republican. Those candidates running as Democrats will only appear on the Democrat ballot, and those running as a Republican will only appear on the Republican Ballot.

The winner in the Primary Election for each party will appear on the ballot for the General Election. In the General Election there is only a single ballot and the names of all the Primary Winners for each Elected Office from all Parties will appear on that ballot.

If there are multiple candidates running for an elected office, the Primary Election chooses who will be on the ballot for the General Election.

As an example: If there are 5 Democrat candidates running for the Chair of the BOC, then the winner in the Primary Election will be the Democrat Nominee in the General Election for that position. In the event of a runoff in which no candidate is able to get 51% of the vote, then the winner of the runoff will appear on the ballot as the Democrat in the General Election.

If there is only 1 Republican running for the Chair of the BOC, and they only get one vote, where they vote for themselves, then that one vote makes them the Republican Candidate on the Ballot for the General Election in November.

How does this effect you?

As a resident of Rockdale it is in your best interest to get the best Elected Official in every Elected Office in the county, regardless of their political affiliation.

Click HERE to get a PDF of all the candidates running for Elected Office in Rockdale County and the State in Georgia. Have a good look at the list of candidates from all parties and independents and decide who you believe would be the best for that office.

Once you have decided, you then have to choose whether to ask for a Democrat or a Republican Ballot that will contain the candidates who think will represent your interests the best.

In this Primary Election there are NO Republican Candidates running for Elected Office in Rockdale County. Whoever wins an Elected Office in the Primary, will run UNAPPOSED in the General Election in November as there will not be a Republican on the Ballot.

If you want a voice on who is elected as an Elected Official for any position in Rockdale County, you must ask for a Democrat ballot. This ballot will allow you to select the candidate that you believe will be best for Rockdale County and server your interests the best. The Republican Ballot will not have any candidates running for Elected Office in Rockdale County.

As a Georgia is an Open Ballot State, you can ask for the ballot that contains the candidates whom you consider as the best candidate for the Elected Position regardless of your party affiliation. Democrats are at liberty to ask for a Republican Ballot and Republicans are at liberty to ask for a Democrat Ballot.

Choose wisely, as who you elect will govern your life, set your taxes, educate your children and pass the laws you have to abide by and the fees you have to pay for the next 4 years.

Larry Cox interviews JaNice van Ness on From This Week In Rockdale. 

JaNice is now qualified and enters the race for the BOC Chair.

JaNice van Ness to run for Rockdale BOC Chair

With Ahmad stepping out of the race for BOC Chair, JaNice has stepped up to run for the position.

JaNice was our State Senator, and owns the local private School, Peachtree Academy, which has 4 campuses.

She has both the Political experience and the business experience to make a great Chair Person for Rockdale County.

If you would like to support JaNice, please do so by filling out this form to show your support.

Chairman Oz Nesbitt Sexual Harassment Files

If you are a member of the Rockdale County Community, you will have heard rumors surrounding the Board Of Commissioner’s Chairman Oz Nesbitt.

Chairman Nesbitt was relieved of his duties as an Augusta police officer for inappropriate behavior toward a young woman after apprehending her outside of a convenience store while he was off duty.

A more recent case is a sexual harassment case filed by one of his employees in the Rockdale County Government. The plaintiff was awarded an $85,000.00 settlement.

You can take a look at these supporting documents below.

Denied Application for Reinstatement as a Police Officer in Augusta.

Oz Nesbitt Office Profile Augusta GA.

Sexual Harassment case filed by a county employee.

Qualifying for Political Office in Rockdale County

If you wish to run for political office in Rockdale County, you must fill out a DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY AND AFFIDAVIT.

In the highlighted text below, you have to avow that you do not owe any taxes to any entity. Local businesses can file liens against property, but a Federal Lien is placed for non-payment of Federal taxes in which no plans for payment have been filed.

The two documents below suggest that when Chairman Nesbitt ran for office, he signed an affidavit stating he owed no taxes when, at the time, he had a Federal Lien on his property for Federal Taxes, making him ineligible to run.

As always, The Rockdale Voter encourages you to read what is posted and do your own research to come to a conclusion.

Tax Liens

Declaration of Candidacy and Affidavit

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