Did you know that an unauthorized person can get their name on your property deed and then get a loan on your property from a bank or mortgage company?

Once they have the loan, they disappear, and you are left holding the bag for the debt. If you do not pay, the lending institution can foreclose on the property, or you are faced with a lengthy and costly legal battle to prove fraud.

Our Clerk of Court, Janice Morris, says they had four of these in February and one already in March, so these are happening in our county.

While the county can correct the title deed to put it back into your name, the bank can still put a lien on the property for the money owed.

Our County provides a free service if you have a property in the county. Once you have registered, you will be immediately notified of any changes to the recordings of your property so that you can put a stop to it before it goes too far.

This is a FREE Service. It does not cost anything to register.

You can download the information by clicking HERE.