Add Board Members.

Rhonda Taylor has introduced legislation to expand the Board Of Commissioners from 3 members to 5. This would significantly increase the representation for our community but would eliminate two board members overriding the the third.

Rhonda Taylor really needs our support to get our house members on board. You can make you voice heard by signing the petition below. The petition will be submitted with your name and address only. This is required. Your Email Address and Phone Number will not be submitted.

HB 741 Add Board Members
Legislative Bill HB 741
I am writing to urge you to consider supporting HB 741 the legislative effort to increase the number of board members for the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners from three to five. As a resident of the county, I believe that expanding the board will provide several benefits that will help us manage our county more effectively.
Firstly, having more members on the board will bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the table. With a larger board, we can tap into a wider range of experiences, backgrounds, and skills, which will help us make better decisions and tackle challenges more efficiently.
Secondly, a larger board can help to distribute the workload more evenly. With only three members, each person has to take on a significant amount of responsibility, which can lead to burnout and a lack of productivity. By adding two more members, we can reduce the burden on each individual and ensure that everyone has the time and energy to devote to their duties.
Lastly, expanding the board can help to increase engagement and participation among residents. With more spots available on the board, more people will have the opportunity to get involved in our county government at a leadership level. This can lead to a greater sense of ownership and investment in our county, and ultimately, help us manage our county more effectively.
In conclusion, I strongly encourage you to support  HB 741  legislation increasing the number of board members from three to five. This change will bring a wealth of benefits to our county, and help us to  make Rockdale a much better place to live for its residents. Thank you for your consideration.