Facilities Authority

Resolution To Create a Facilities Authority

The Resolution may be downloaded from HERE for you to read.

Pay attention to Paragraph (b) that allows the Board of Commissioners to appoint themselves as members of the Facilities Authority Board allowing them to create bonds and debt as Board Members of the Facilities Authority and Approve them as members of the Board of Commissioners with no oversight from any other board and without consulting the Citizens of Rockdale County.

If you do not approve of this Resolution, please sign below and your disapproval will be sent to the Rockdale Delegation.


As a citizen of Rockdale County, I am very concerned that our Board of Commissioners is requesting the State Legislature to establish a Facilities Authority Board.

This Board would only consist of 3 members of which 2-member world constitute a quorum.  This Board with 2-members will have the ability to issue bonds and create unlimited debt without the citizens of Rockdale County having any say in the matter.  

Section (b) of this Resolution allows the Commissioners to appoint themselves as Board Members of the Facilities Authority Board that has the authority to create bonds.  This allows the Facilities Authority to create bonds and have them approved by the same people that created them

This Resolution was never discussed with the Voters of Rockdale County before being presented to our Legislative Delegation and at this time as Taxpayer and Voter in Rockdale County I request that you vote NO if you are requested to consider this matter.

Facilities Authority