Request for Sherri Washington Resignation.

Sherri Washington has been disbarred from practicing law in some states and now facing being disbarred from practicing law in the state of Georgia.

You may read the story about her recommended disbarment on Fox 5 by clicking HERE. See the FOX 5 Investigation Video HERE.

As she has shown she is not fiscally responsible and has shown a level of dishonesty to her clients, we believe that to save our county further embarrassment, the honorable course for Commissioner Sherri Washington would be to resign her post as a Rockdale County Commissioner. If she does not, there will likely be sufficient support for a recall which would cost our county a significant amount of money.

By filling in the form below the following letter will be sent to the Board Of Commissioners on your behalf. The letter will be signed by you and will include your address, but not your email or phone number.

Sherri Washington Recall

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Request for Sherri Washington’s Resignation

As a Citizen and Taxpayer of Rockdale County, I am requesting that Commissioner Sherri Washington resign from the Board Of Commission effective immediately. Sherri Washington through her actions and disrespect of others has shown that she can’t be trusted with the lives and welfare of the Citizens of this County.

By resigning, Sherrie Washington can leave office and spare the Citizens of Rockdale County further undue attention and embarrassment and the expense of a recall.


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