Step 1

Download the petition HERE.

Step 2

Get your friend, neighbors and other property owners to fill in:

  1. The Date they signed the petition
  2. Their address.
  3. Print their name.
  4. Sign it.
  5. Enter their date of birth.

NOTE: In order to sign the petition they must be a registered voter. Each petitioner will be verified by the Rockdale Board of Elections to make sure they are a registered voter, so make sure they print their name clearly or their petition will be spoiled if their name cannot be read.

Step 3

Once you have collected all of the signatures, please print your name and number clearly at the bottom of EACH page then:

  • Call: 678-524-6159 to have them picked up.
  • Mail them to:¬†3236 East Fairview RD SW,¬†Stockbridge GA 30281
  • Email them as an attachment to:

The property owners in this county sincerely appreciate your effort in collecting signatures.